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No-till and organic farmers who deal with cover crop management as part of their farming operations will appreciate the Cover Crop Roller, developed and patented by The Rodale Institute.

The Cover Crop Roller was developed to overcome the shortcomings of knocking down an existing cover crop and then planting on no-till farms. Finding the right equipment for cover crop management has been the biggest barrier to no-till farming. Now, with a no-till planter attached to the back of the tractor and the Cover Crop Roller mounted to the front, a farmer can roll and plant all in the same pass!

The rolling and crimping action of the blades will transform a field of vetch, rye or other cover crop into a thick, weed suppressing mulch.

The Cover Crop Roller comes in standard widths of  8ft, 10.5ft, 15.5ft, 20ft and 30ft widths 3pt lift or trailered. Custom Cover Crop Rollers can be built any dimension up to 60ft wide. Smaller width rollers are usually mounted on the tractor front or rear 3pt lift arms or attached to loaders with adapter plates. Folding versions starting at 15.5 ft widths can be made to have front and rear mounted rollers to allow the attachment of planters or seed drill along with the roller. The Crop Roller is ground driven and does not require any hydraulic, pneumatic, or electronic control. Blades are arranged in chevron pattern to prevent bouncing. The blades are welded and replacement blades can be bolted on . Blades on the drum are spaced 8" apart. The cylinder is 16" diameter with 4” blade height for a 24” diameter. Water or other liquid can be added for improve performance of crop rolling (75lb per ft).

A 20ft trailed folding roller is available for rent.
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Cover Crop Roller
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4 ft Cover Crop Roller

5 ft Cover Crop Roller

8 ft Cover Crop Roller

10 1/2 ft Cover Crop Roller

15 1/2 ft Cover Crop Roller
20 ft Trailed, Folding

30 ft Trailed, Folding

40ft Roller with Harms Frame

4ft Trailed, Flip-Over Crop Roller

5ft Trailed, Flip-Over Crop Roller
All prices FOB I & J Manufacturing, Gordonville, PA and are subject to change without notice up until build is complete.