Winter Pea + Cow Pea + Sunn Hemp + Oats + Pearl Millet + Radish + Ethopian Cabbage + Sunflower

This 8 way mix is designed as an easily managed cover that will rapidly improve soil health. The diverse biomass above and below ground not only scavenges remaining soil nutrients, but adds nitrogen and will make other micronutrients more available to next year’s crop. The mix adds organic matter, improves water infiltration, and provides a beneficial environment for soil micro-organisms. This mix will winter kill, making spring management easy.


Use in rotations of small grains to corn/milo to get the greatest benefit. If planted in July/August it can be used as late fall / winter forage for even more benefit.


Drill at 35lbs/A or broadcast at 40lbs.


A vertical tillage tool could be used to “work in” the seed if run at one inch or less depth.

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